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Bryce Canyon National Park offers a dynamic education/outreach program to students, teachers and park visitors. We can help you in the classroom and now on the web. Our classroom presentations include fun activities and are developed to meet science requirements outlined in the Utah State Core Curriculum. To visit us on the web click on Geodetectives

Bryce Canyon Learning and EducationThe following is a list of off site classroom programs that we present:

PLANTS AND THEIR PARTS 1st grade - Introduces the basic parts of a plant and their functions as well as the many uses of plants in our daily lives.

DYNAMIC ROCKS! 2nd grade - Introduces the rock cycle, the three rock types, how rocks are formed and their characteristics. Compares the ways different rocks are used for different purposes.

HABITAT, WHAT'S THAT? 3rd grade - Explores ecosystems and introduces different habitats, living and non-living elements of habitats and relationships among living organisms in a habitat.

UTAH'S TREASURES 4th grade - Introduces geology and geography of the Colorado Plateau and the intrigue of Utah fossils, using Bryce Canyon National Park and surrounding areas as examples. Includes testing rocks/minerals for hardness, color, luster, streak and density.

OUR NATURAL RESOURCES 5th grade - Deals with conservation practices, renewable, nonrenewable and perpetual resources, recyclable or not, and how actions influence our surroundings.

A GERM'S LIFE! 6th grade - Introduces helpful and harmful aspects of microorganisms, the spread of some infectious diseases by water and ways to reduce chances of disease.

History and Learning About BryceEARTH SCIENCE CLASSES Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils! 7th-12th grades - Our collections and program will enhance your science classes .... This program on rocks, minerals and their uses, Utah fossils and earth history will give your students a hands-on experience while learning about geology, geography and earth science. This program would be a great extra curricular program for all science classes. The classroom programs are one hour in length.

Onsite programs include guided field trips to the main amphitheater as well as to the south end of the park. In addition, an annual field seminar course is offered to local educators that enables them to receive graduate level credit in geology and biology from Southern Utah University.

Finally, be watching for our most recent creation, the Geodective Program, an Internet-based science program that will feature both, an educator's page with lesson plans and a kid's page with fun-filled geologic mysteries.

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