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Biking Cedar City | Biking Near Cedar CityBrian Head Bike Park

A ski resort in the winter, Brian Head transforms into a mountain biking resort in the summer. The resort’s Giant Steps ski lift transports riders and their bikes up to a bench below Brian Head Peak, where they can choose between several 3-4 mile trails down to the bottom. Through the ski lift and shuttle service, the bike park provides access to over 200 miles of scenic single-track trails, including the Dark Hollow Trail, the Blow Hard Trail and the Lowder Pond Loop Trail. Contact Brian Head for current lift and shuttle rates, as well as hours of operation.

Navajo Lake Loop Trail

Ideal for novice bikers and families with young riders, the 11.5-mile Navajo Lake Loop Trail circumnavigates scenic Navajo Lake, passing a lava field along the way. At an altitude of 9,100 feet, the trail provides relieve from the summer heat. The dirt-packed path meanders through forests of fir, pine and quaking aspen, as well as wildflower-filled meadows. The trail is relatively easy with most of the climbing completed in the first 1.5 miles. The best time to ride the trail is from June to September.

Red Mountain Loop Trail

Accessed at a pullout approximately one mile east of Cedar City’s Main Street/Center Street intersection, the 3-mile Red Mountain Loop is a single-track trail with advanced technical riding. Featuring many quick ups and downs, the trail traverses “badlands” that are sedimentary deposits left in the Triassic Period and provides excellent views of Cedar City. It is best to ride the trail early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day.

Three Peaks Trail System

Located nine miles northwest of Cedar City, Three Peaks allows bikers to choose their own adventure, offering single-track loops of varying lengths and difficulty ratings. The trails meander through junipers and pinkish granite outcroppings, which provide a riding surface found nowhere else in Utah. Maintained by the Color Country Cycling Club, the trails offer unique views of Cedar City and Enoch.

Virgin River Rim Trail

A long, difficult high altitude trail, the Virgin River Rim Trail traverses the edge of the Markagunt Plateau and offers stunning views of colorful limestone formations similar to those found in Bryce Canyon National Park. Most bikers do not ride the full length of the 32.5-mile trail in one day, but instead ride it in sections. The eastern half of the trail is the most scenic. The well-maintained and well-marked path’s main access point is from the Strawberry Road, whose turn off is 33 miles east of Cedar City on State Highway 14.

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