Cedar City Information


Utah Shakespearean Festival

Late June to late October; Monday through Saturday
Tony Award winning annual theater event that features many plays by William Shakespeare and other playwrites. Visit www.bard.org or call (800)752-9849(PLAYTIX) for more information.

Utah Neil Simon Festival

Late July to early August; Tuesday through Saturday
This professional theather company produces plays exclusively by Neil Simon. Visitwww.simonfest.org or call (435)327-8673 for more information.

Iron Mission State Park Museum

9 AM to 5 PM; Monday through Saturday
This museum houses many relics of the Cedar City and Iron County region's past focusing on the pioneer times onward. It also showcases artwork by local and regional artists from time to time. Visit the museum's webpage or call (435)327-8673 for more information.

Southwest Wildlife Foundation

By appointment
This foundation caters to groups who want a customized experience in witnessing the rehibilitation of wildlife and their eventual release. Visit www.gowildlife.org or call (435)590-1618 for more details.





Visitor Information:

  • Washington County Travel & Convention Bureau, 425 S. 700 E.
  • Dixie Center, 435-634-5747, 800-869-6635
  • St. George Area Chamber of Commerce, 97 E. St. George Blvd., 435-628-1658

City Parks

Bicentennial Park

660 West 945 North. 3 Acres.
Facilities: Volleyball, pavilion, restrooms, fields, water, playground equipment, barbecue pits, tables.

Main Street Park

200 North Main Street
Facilities: Volleyball, Pavilion, Barbecue Grill, Barbecue Pits, Restrooms, Playground, Equipment, Water, Electric Outlets, Lighting, Benches, Tables


Coal Creek Trail

The Parklands path currently runs from the baseball park on 200 North through West Canyon Park and up the canyon approximately two miles. The paved trail parallels Coal Creek and is furnished at intervals with benches and water fountains. Native plants, trees and wildflowers bloom along the scenic pathway, where walkers, joggers and families enjoy fresh air and exercise in a natural outdoor setting.1.9 miles plus .6 miles recently added on.
Facilities: Benches, Water

East Canyon Park

500 E Center St. 3 Acres.
Facilities: Pavilion, Volleyball, Restrooms, Playground Equipment, Water, Electric Outlets, Barbecue Grill, Barbecue Pits, Benches, Tables, Horseshoe Pits

West Canyon Park

400 E 200 S. 7 Acres.
Facilities: Pavilion, Volleyball, Restrooms, Playground Equipment, Water, Electric Outlets, Lighting, Barbecue Area, Barbecue Pits, Barbecue Grill, Benches, Tables, Horseshoe Pits, access to the Coal Creek Trail

Exit 59 Skateboard Park

660 West 954 North
Features ramps.

Mayor Square

Southwest corner of Main Street and Center Street
Facilities: Benches, Historical Information

Park Discovery

Park Discovery- West of 2077 West Royal Hunte Drive
Facilities: Surround Benches, Science Playground, Dinosaur Sand Pit, Amphitheater

Hillcrest Park

602 South 1175 West
Facilities: Picnic Tables, Playground, Barbecues, Open Spaces, Covered Pavilion


Sunbow Park

Sunbow Park - Behind Cedar Middle School
Facilities: Neighborhood Playground

Medical Services

Valley View Medical Center
1303 N Main St, Cedar City, 84720 - (435) 868-5000

St. George Congregations

Assembly of God 1
Baptist 5
Calvary 1
Catholic 3
Christian Science Society 1
Church of Christ 1
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Visit Website
Episcopal Church 1
Jehovah's Witnesses 3
Jewish 1
Lutheran 3
Non-Denominational 2
Presbyterian 1
Seventh-Day Adventist 2
Southern Baptist 2
United Methodist 2
Unity 1



Bus Station: Greyhound, 1235 S. Bluff St., 435-673-2933

Salt Lake City, UT: 253 mi.
Saint George, UT: 53 mi.
Denver, CO: 575 mi.
Las Vegas, NV: 180 mi.
Los Angeles, CA: 466 mi.
San Diego, CA: 502 mi.
San Franciso, CA: 780 mi.
Phoenix, AZ: 398 mi.
Bryce Canyon NP: 78 mi.
Canyonlands NP: 414 mi.
Capitol Reef NP: 246 mi.
Cedar Breaks NM: 21 mi.
Flaming Gorge NRA: 463 mi.
Grand Canyon NP: 157 mi.
Glen Canyon NRA: 343 mi.
Zion NP: 56 mi.


Cost of Living

Urban Area & State Composite Index Grocery Items Housing Utilities Transportation Health Care Misc. Goods
Provo-Orem, UT 109.7 113.7 117.1 89.2 108.3 95.8 109.1
Salt Lake City, UT 98.1 105.3 92.0 91.8 111.4 91.5 98.4
Cedar City, UT 93.7 110.4 73.9 85.1 97.2 92.5 103.6
Logan, UT 97.1 100.2 88.0 104.6 103.1 87.1 101.1
St. George, UT 96.0 108.6 84.8 80.3 103.8 94.6 100.9
Las Vegas, NV 107.0 116.4 91.6 107.0 123.5 129.7 107.0
Los Angeles, CA 142.2 112.8 219.3 100.7 122.4 117.0 111.0
San Diego, CA 120.6 123.9 126.6 124.7 121.3 154.0 107.6
San Francisco, CA 177.9 124.9 323.5 104.0 139.4 157.6 112.8
Denver, CO 108.6 110.6 121.4 81.4 112.9 126.0 99.6
Grand Junction, CO 104.1 103.8 110.3 100.9 101.3 107.6 99.9
Dallas, TX 98.5 98.7 93.8 91.9 105.9 97.6 101.7
Phoenix, AZ 100.8 99.8 96.0 95.1 112.8 117.3 100.6

The ACCRA index attempts to measure the cost of living among U.S. cities. The ACCRA index is set at 100 for the average U.S. city. A number higher than 100 means that prices are higher than average, and a number lower than 100 means that prices are lower than average. This index allows comparison between cities, but cannot abe used over and does not measure inflation. The ACCRA indexes make price comparisons based on an average mid-manager's budget.

Hurricane Area:

Hurricane Hotels

  • Travelodge Zion
  • Comfort Inn Zion

Hurricane Hotels

  • Rodeway Inn Zion

Mesquite Area:

Mesquite Hotels

  • Best Western Mesquite Inn


Vacation / Condo Rentals

  • St. George Vacation Rentals ($70/night+)
  • St. George Corporate Housing
  • Entrada Rentals
  • Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals




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