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The desert of Southern Nevada is heaven for those who love to ride ATVs and 4-wheelers. Not only is there plenty of prime terrain, but there are no laws regulating using these vehicles beyond BLM and Forest Service rules on their respective lands.

The Dunes and Trails ATV Club in the Las Vegas area suggests several great trails for riding. They include: Nellis Dunes just off of Interstate 15's exit 58 at Apex, Jean Dry Lake Area which is about nine miles along the old Los Angeles Highway after you take a right on it shortly after exiting Interstate 15 at exit 25 in Sloan, El Dorado Dry Lake Valley Area which is about seven miles towards Searchlight from the Railroad Pass Casino on US 95, and the Logandale Trails System which can be accessed from exit 93 on Interstate 15.

ATV Rentals & Tours:

If you are an inexperienced rider you may want to consider hiring a guide as the trails are sometimes not well marked. A guide will also be able to assist you in traversing some of the more challenging terrain. If you choose to take a guided ATV tour in Las Vegas you will be thoroughly trained on the operation of the ATV and then guided through miles of fun and challenging trails. The following Las Vegas outfitters provide ATV rentals and tours:

Best RV
3720 West Desert Inn Road 201
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Riding ATV Las Vegas

Nevada ATV State Laws:

ATVs may be operated only in designated areas on state park lands.
Except as provided in law, ATVs may not be operated on paved highways that are not designated for use by off-road vehicles.

ATV Recommendations:


Drivers under the age 15 should be supervised when operating ATVs by adults.
Helmets should be worn by all ATV riders.
Headlights should be used from dusk to dawn.
If you are riding in a sand dune area, it is recommended that you have a brightly colored flag attached to your ATV.
Ride only in designated ATV areas.
Never operate an ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Training: Click here to learn how to enroll in an ATV safety training course near you!
Legislation: To view Nevada's state ATV laws, click here

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