Powell Point

At 10,188 feet above sea level, Powell Point provides a magnificent vista from the pinnacle of the Table Cliffs Plateau that over looks the beautiful red, salmon-pink desert landscape of the Grand Staircase and Bryce Canyon National Park region. It is located near the top layer of the Grand Staircase with Bryce Canyon.

Spectacular Powell Point

From this point Major John Wesley Powell - who led an expedition here in the late 1880s - had an eagle's eye view of the area that he was cataloguing. Like Powell's expedition party, modern-day visitors are mesmerized with the view from this point on the Table Cliffs Plateau. Many people enjoy mountain biking to Powell Point since the terrain here is ideal for the hardcore biker. Fortunately, there are two trail options. The first is starting at the trailhead at Pine Lake, and this route is approximately 23 miles roundtrip and experiences a 2,300 foot change in altitude. There is also a trailhead in Pine Canyon near the top of the plateau where the route is only nine miles roundtrip with little change in elevation. These trails are also accessible to hikers.

The Grand Staircase is the impressive region between the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and the Aquarius Plateau. It is named the "Grand Staircase" because the series of cliffs and mountains mimic a staircase as they rise from the Grand Canyon to the Aquarius Plateau - one of the highest plateaus on the continent. Most of the region is part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument that houses spectacular desert scenery including Devil's Garden, Smokey Mountain, and the Kaiparowitz Plateau.

Powell Point is about 25 miles northeast of Bryce Canyon National Park and is accessed by Utah Highway 22.

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