Grand Canyon Fees

Fees for the Grand CanyonEntrance Fees

  • Entrance Fee

    Use your National Parks Pass or Golden Pass (Age, Eagle and Access) for park entry!
  • Commercial Tour

    Entrance fees are charged based on vehicle capacity for all tour groups and bus companies that originate outside the 100 mile radius of an entrance station for Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Individual

    $10 - 7 Days
    Admits one individual when entering by foot, bicycle, or motorcycle. This fee also applies to organized (non-commercial, non-profit) groups. Individuals 16 years old and younger are admitted free of charge.
  • Vehicle

    $20 - 7 Days
    Admits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers. Organized (non-profit) groups, (service organizations, scouts, church groups, college/school clubs) are not eligible for the $20.00 vehicle permit, regardless of the type of vehicle utilized, but must pay the Individual Permit Fee.

Activity Fee

  • Backcountry Fee

    $5 - Per Day
    Fee is per person/per night.


  • Backcountry Permit

    $10 - One Time
    Permit fee (per permit)
  • Noncommercial River Permit

    Waiting list application fee is $100.
  • Fishing

    Fishing in the park requires an Arizona state fishing license. Licenses are available at Canyon Village Marketplace in Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. Call (520) 638-2234 or (520) 638-2262. Licenses are also available at Marble Canyon Lodge, located 2.5 hours north from the South Rim, near Lees Ferry. Licenses are not available at the North Rim. Make sure you know the regulations before you fish. Most fishing opportunities require an overnight backcountry use permit.

Local Passport

  • Grand Canyon Pass

    $40 - Annually
    Valid for twelve months from the date of purchase, for unlimited visits to Grand Canyon National Park. It admits the purchaser and any accompanying persons in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle, or the purchaser and accompanying immediate family (spouse, children, parents) when entry is by other means (train, shuttle, bicycle, foot, and boat). This passport covers entrance fees only and NOT refundable and/or transferable.

National Parks Pass

  • $50 -An annual pass providing admission to any national park charging an entrance fee. Buy it for your family and for friends. Good for one full year from the date of purchase.

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