Kodachrome Basin

Just outside of the town Cannonville on Scenic Byway 12 is Kodachrome Basin State Park --

Kodachrome Basin

an interesting place to visit in the Bryce Canyon National Park area. Like Bryce Canyon National Park, there are many spires in Kodachrome State Park. However, these spires (aka sand pipes) were created in a different manner than many of those in Bryce Canyon National Park. During ancient times there were geysers and a lake here. When the lake bed hardened on top of the geysers, they broke through, and hard sediment settled in the shafts created by the geysers. When the elements eroded the softer material around the shafts away, the spires of stone were left behind. There are about 67 of these spires in the area, and they range from six feet to over 150 feet in height.

The many petrified geysers in the park can be seen from many different vantage points. One of the best spots is the Grand Parade on the main road in the park. Two easy footpaths start at the Grand Parade and meander throughout the close vicinity while offering spectacular views of the park's scenery. The Eagles View Trail begins at the campground at the end of the main park road, and it takes a steep climb to a point on the rim of the basin. From this point people have a panoramic view of the park. There are other trails to explore in the park, and visitors should also see the Shakespeare Arch as well.

These petrified geysers were part of the reason why the National Geographic Society named this area Kodachrome Basin (with the permission of the Kodak Company). Clearly this is a picturesque area, and photographers will especially enjoy this state park. This a great place to camp since it has a campground of 27 sites with modern restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and other amenities. The park is open and reservations are accepted all year. The camping fee is $14, and the day use fee is $5. Call (435)679-8562 for more information.

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