Las Vegas Scenic Drives | Scenic Drives Near Las Vegas

Despite what many may think, the scenery of Southern Nevada is stunning. It proves that an almost monochrome desert landscape peppered with desert plants can rival the splendor of other more varied landscapes. Fortunately, there are a few roadways that traverse this beautiful desert to help us experience it.

Scenic Drives in Las Vegas

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Red Rock Scenic Drive

One of the closest highlights to Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area where there are 2,000 foot rock formations with a spectacular presentation of reds, yellows, pinks, and blacks. Red Rock Scenic Drive travels throughout the park providing access to trails and other recreation areas. It starts and ends on Blue Diamond Road (Route 195). Route 195 intersects with Interstate 15 as Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire Highway

Another close highlight is Valley of Fire State Park. Here people can see various animals and remnants of Indian life - like petroglyphs and pictographs. The main roadway through the state park is Valley of Fire Highway (Route 169) which intersects with Interstate 15.

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