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It is easy to understand why spending the weekend at an RV park or a campground is becoming so popular. Outdoor recreation is on the rise as people search for more healthy and family-oriented activities and camping is a great way to get away and spend some time together without having to do a lot of planning. As home to more than 1600 campsites, Moab is sure to have a site that suites your taste. Whether you are looking for a rustic adventure or a campground loaded with amenities, you are guaranteed to find just what you are looking for. You can choose a site close to the area you plan to explore such as Arches National Park or the Slickrock trail, or a more centralized campground that will provide you with easy access to several different adventures. In this directory you will find a listing of several of the campgrounds in and around Moab. So pick your site and pack your tent or load up your RV and head to Utah’s summer playground for a weekend away that you won’t soon forget. Click one of the links below to view listing for that category.

National Park & State Park Campgrounds

The advantage to a National or State Park campground is the location. You are guaranteed to be surrounded by incredible scenery and in close proximity to several hikes, lookout points, or even visitors centers. On the downside, National and State Park campgrounds usually offer fewer amenities than some privately owned campgrounds and while they do offer RV sites it is rare to find hookups. National and State Park campgrounds generally do not accept reservations so plan to be there early if you want to get a good spot. Moab is the gateway city for the following National and State Park campgrounds:

Visit the NPS reservation site or call 800-365-2267 for:

  • Arches - Devils Garden Campground
    End of 18 mile Arches Scenic Drive
  • Canyonlands –Squaw Flat Campground
    4 miles from Visitors Center
  • Canyonlands - Willow Flat Campground
    Island in the Sky District (Near Green River Overlook) National Forest

Call 435-587-2041 for:

  • Warner Lake Campground
    South on Hwy 191 8 miles, then east on La Sal Loop Road for 16 miles (dirt road access) State Park

Visit the Utah State Parks reservation site or call 800-322-3770 for:

  • Dead Horse Point State Park
    9 miles north of Moab on Hwy 191, then 22 miles west on Hwy 313

Bureau of Land Management Campgrounds

The area surrounding Moab is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and contains several campgrounds that are well maintained and perfect for your next family outing. Similar to the National & State Park Campgrounds, the campgrounds on BLM land offer few amenities. They do however offer very scenic locations and some group sites, which can be reserved in advance. You will want to arrive early to get a good site as the group sites are the only ones that can be reserved.

Call 435-259-2100 for reservations.

  • Goose Island Campground
    Hwy 128, 1.4 miles from Hwy 191
  • Negro Bill Camping Area
    Hwy 128, 3 miles from Hwy 191
  • Drinks Canyon Camping Area
    Hwy 128, 6.2 miles from Hwy 191
  • Hal Canyon Campground
    Hwy 128, 6.6 miles from Hwy 191
  • Oak Grove Campground
    Hwy 128, 6.9 miles from Hwy 191
  • Big Bend Campground
    Hwy 128, 7.4 miles from Hwy 191
  • Upper Big Bend Camping Area
    Hwy 128, 8.1 miles from Hwy 191
  • Fisher Towers Campground
    Hwy 128, 21 miles from Hwy 191 (dirt road access)
  • Hittle Bottom Campground
    Hwy 128, 22.5 miles from Hwy 191
  • Dewey Bridge Campground
    Hwy 128, 28.7 miles from Hwy 191
  • Jay Cee Park Campground
    Utah 279, 4.2 miles west of Hwy 191
  • Williams Bottom
    Utah 279, 6 miles from US 191
  • Goldbar Camping Area
    Utah 279, 10.2 miles from Hwy 191
  • Kings Bottom Camping Area
    Kane Creek Rd, 2.8 miles from Hwy 191
  • Moonflower Camping Area
    Kane Creek Rd, 3.0 miles from Hwy 191
  • Hunters Canyon Camping Area
    Kane Creek Rd (dirt rd access) 7.8 mi from Hwy
  • Echo Camping Area
    Kane Creek Rd (dirt rd access) 8.0 mi from Hwy 191
  • Ken’s Lake
    8.5 miles south of Moab off Hwy 191
  • Sand Flats Recreation Area
    Sand Flats Road, 2 miles east of Moab
  • Hatch Point Campground
    32 mi south on Hwy 191, then 24 miles NW on Canyon Rims Road (includes 9 miles of gravel rd)
  • Windwhistle Campground
    32 mi. south on Hwy 191, then west 6 mi on Needles Overlook Canyon Rims Rd

Privately Owned Campgrounds

If you are searching for a more posh camping experience than you will want to look into staying at a private campground. These campgrounds offer amenities such as laundry, running water, RV hookups, and flush toilets. Many also have pools or playgrounds. These campgrounds accept reservations and typically charge higher fees than the BLM or National & State Park campgrounds.

  • Archview Campground
    1 N. Hwy 191 at Hwy 313
  • Ballard Park 100 S. Main, Thompson, UT 84540
  • Canyonlands Campground 555 S. Main Street
  • Dowd Flats RV Park 2701 S Hwy 191
  • Edge of the Desert 1251 S. Millcreek Dr.
  • Kane Springs Campground 1705 S. Kane Creek Rd
  • Lions Back Camp Park Sandflats Rd
  • Moab KOA 3225 S. Hwy 191
  • Moab Rim Campark 1900 S. Hwy 191
  • Moab Valley RV & Campark 1773 N Hwy 191
  • OK RV Park & Canyonlands Stables 3310 Spanish Valley Dr
  • Pack Creek Campground 1520 Murphy Lane
  • Portal RV Park 1261 N Hwy 191
  • Riverside Oasis RV Park 1871 N Hwy 191
  • Slickrock Campground 1301 ½ N Hwy 191
  • Spanish Trail RV Park, Inc 2980 S Hwy 191

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