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Rock Climbing in Moab

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Rock Climbing attracts droves of outdoor adventurers to Moab’s desert each year. People from all around the world come seeking after everything from Moab’s easy slabs and moderate crack climbs, to the stone pillars hundreds of feet in the air. As far as climbers are concerned nothing compares to the outstanding Moab rock! With so many established rock climbs, Moab is a perfect location for trading in your gym climbing skills for some real rock experience. The more experienced climbers come to experience the thrill of stepping onto the summit of one our incredible rock towers.

If you are a beginner don’t be intimidated, anyone who can climb a ladder can rock climb, you just can’t count on the rungs being in predictable places. There is no superhuman strength required and you don’t have to be in ideal shape to get started rock climbing; it is simply a matter of setting your feet and looking ahead to the next hold. To get started all you need are a few pieces of equipment such as a harness, a helmet, and shoes. Other important equipment include carabineers, and belays – the devices that make the ropes easier to use in team climbing and also helps secure solo climbers. Most of this equipment is available for rent. In Moab you can find a professional instructor who can teach you the fundamentals and take you out to some incredible climbs. Rock Climbing is fun for kids and adults and a guided climb makes a great family outing.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, hiring a climbing guide is one of the best ways to develop specific skills, experience many routes in a day, or just get to know an area new to you. Check with these outfitters to learn more about rock climbing in Moab.

Climbing Shops:

Having the right gear not only makes your climbing experience a lot more fun, but a lot safer as well. Check with these Moab climbing shops for gear and tips on where to go.

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