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Population: 4800 in Moab , 8500 in Grand County
Total Area: 3.64 miles
Elevation: 4,025 feet above sea level


Because Moab is in a desert it is subject to extreme variances in temperature. Temperatures have been reported as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -20 degrees F. In spite of the intense heat that visits Moab each summer, the climate is generally moderate making Moab a popular year-round playground with spring and fall being the most pleasant times of the year to visit.

Rainfall in Moab averages about eight inches per year with October being the wettest month and March taking a close second. During the summer Moab is prone to sudden, brief, violent thunderstorms that can result in flash floods.

Plant life in Moab is typical of that found in high desert life zones and includes sagebrush, saltbush, serviceberry, and mountain mahogany. Juniper and pinion are found along with desert shrubs until about 7,500 feet elevation where the mountain ecosystem of aspen, spruce, and fir takes over.

Average Annual Temperatures:

January: High 39°F Low 18°F
April: High 79°F Low 41°F
July: High 99°F Low 64°F
October: High 74°F Low 41°F

City Mileages from Moab:

Salt Lake City, UT: 244 mi.
Grand Junction, CO: 110 mi.
Albuquerque, NM: 336 mi.
Denver, CO: 360 mi.
Phoenix, AZ: 468 mi.
Los Angeles, CA: 762 mi.
Las Vegas, NV: 480 mi.

Mileages to Recreation Areas:

Arches National Park: 4 mi.
Dead Horse Point State Park: 33 mi.
Monument Valley: 150 mi.
Lake Powell (Hite Marina): 162 mi.
Colorado River: 2 mi.
Canyonlands National Park: 45 mi.
La Sal National Forest: 18 mi.
Mesa Verde National Park: 150 mi.

Getting to Moab:

If you plan on driving Moab can be accessed from U.S. I-70, U.S. Highway 191, and the Utah Scenic Byway 128. Visit our maps page for more detailed information. Moab is also accessible by railroad and it is just a short drive from the Green River depot. Moab receives flight services through Salmon Airlines as well as three other charter companies and there is a car rental service at the airport. You can also arrange for van shuttle services from Salt Lake City, Utah or Grand Junction, Colorado. Click on our transportation page to find out more.

City Parks:

Moab has several public parks. These parks can be reserved for special gatherings and events. Contact the Moab Public Works Department at 435-259-7485 for information on reserving a park.

Chamber of Commerce Picnic Area - 805 N. Main St.
Lions Park Highway - 191 & Highway 128
Old City Park - 2200 S. Murphy Lane
Rotary Park - 750 Millcreek Drive
Swanny City Park - 181 West 400 North


Moab is beautifully situated in the red rock country of Southeastern Utah along the Colorado River and is the gateway to both Arches National Park, which is only six miles from downtown, and Canyonlands National Park located 32 miles south of Moab. The City is surrounded by public lands which are used not only for grazing, drilling, and forestry but for recreation such as mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, rock climbing, and cross-country skiing.

The city of Moab offers over 30 motels, numerous camping areas, many bed and breakfast establishments, as well as apartment type lodging. There are over 50 restaurants, as well as an abundance of camping supplies stores, sport outfitters, tour guides, and gift shopping available. Moab has a spectacular 18-hole golf course as well as tennis courts, bowling, a movie theater, a water park, amusement center, and scenic chairlift.

Arts and Entertainment:

Moab’s beautiful red rock landscape has attracted artists of all kinds. After a day of exploring you can come into town to enjoy theater productions, a variety of galleries, concerts, and arts and music festivals. Throughout the year Moab is host to many events such as vintage car shows, rodeos and horse events, volleyball and fast pitch softball tournaments, marathons, parades, archery and shooting meets, mountain bike races, the Annual Flat Tire Mountain Bike Festival, and the Annual East Jeep Safari.


Though the town was originally established by members of the LDS Church, Moab has become a very religiously diverse community. The following is a listing of the different church groups found in Moab:

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    1st & 2nd Wards
    475 West 400 North
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    3rd, 4th & 5th Wards
    701 Locust Lane
  • Church of Christ
    456 Emma Blvd.
  • Assembly of God
    1202 S. Boulder Ave.
  • Grace Lutheran Church
    360 West 400 North
  • Moab Baptist Church
    294 West Kane Creek Blvd
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
    4581 S. Spanish Valley Dr.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
    25 West Dogwood
    (Meets at Moab Arts and Recreation Building)
  • Angel Rock Fellowship Church
    20 South 100 East
  • First Baptist Church SBC
    420 MiVida Drive
  • St. Pius X Catholic Church
    122 West 400 North
  • Moab Christian Center
    2651 East Arroyo
  • St. Francis Episcopal Church
    250 Kane Creek Blvd

Health Care:

While the city of Moab has a small population, the number of visitors to the area’s recreational and tourist destinations total over 2 million annually. The tourism industry and the adventure sports also bring patients to Moab’s emergency room. If you or someone in your group is injured, you don’t need to worry because they are very well prepared. Allen Memorial Hospital (AMH), located in downtown Moab, is a 38-bed facility, which includes long term and skilled care, critical and emergency care, acute care, labor and delivery services, and a care-center wing. Nine board-certified physicians are currently on staff, including a general surgeon, an anesthesiologist, an internist, an emergency specialist, and family practitioners.

Public Internet Access:

If you need to check your email or surf the Internet during your visit you can access the internet at the following locations:

  • Red Rock Bakery
    74 South Main, Moab
    (435) 259-5941
  • Slick Rock Cafe
    5 North Main, Moab
    (435) 259-8004
  • Footprints Tech Suite (Buisness Oriented)
    121 East 100 South, Moab
    (435) 259-4384

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