Zion National Park Lodging

When you visit Zion National Park, there are many different lodgings options available. Hotels and Motels, Bed and Breakfast or Inns, and Camping and RV Parks. In addition to the types of lodging there are also three regions that you can choose from. We will explain these in more detail below:


If you want to maximize your time in Zion National Park, staying along Highway 9 between Hurricane and Springdale is a good option. Springdale is the gateway city to the national park on its southern side. The free shuttle system to Zion Canyon stops at several of the larger hotels along Zion Park Boulevard. Hurricane is about a half hour drive away from Springdale.

East Side of Zion

On the east side of Zion National Park, you have lodging options just outside the park entrance. There are a two full service resorts with cabins, dining, gift shop, and recreational activity options just east of Zion National Park. Other lodging options are available in smaller towns like Mt. Carmel, Kanab, and Duck Creek Village. Mt. Carmel is the closest at about a 20 minute drive away from the mouth of Zion Canyon at the end of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Byway. Kanab and Duck Creek Village are within an hour drive.

West Side of Zion

There are several cities within a reasonable distance of Zion National Park on its west side. The two major ones are St. George and Cedar City which are both less than an hour drive from the national park. These cities offer more services and a wider array of lodging opportunities. Along with larger towns, the west side of Zion National Park offers many more services. For instance, lodging is easier to reach on this side becuase regional flights into the airports here come from Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. They connect easily with national and international flights. Also, health care and other services are more extensive here than on the east side.

Lodging Map of area around Zion National Park

Distance chart for cities close to Zion National Park

Springdale - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 0 miles

East Zion (Mt. Carmel Junction) - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 24 miles

Hurricane - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 27 miles

Kanab - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 43 miles

St. George - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 43 miles

Cedar City - Distance from Zion National Park South Entrance: 58 miles

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