Cedar City Page Ranch

Page Ranch House

Constructed in 1898 and completed in 1900 by Jack and Harvey Fabian of St. George, the Page Ranch House stands serenely weathering the years just a few miles away from Old Iron Town.

Designed by the original pioneer owners, Daniel Richey Page and Sophia Geary Page, the Double Cross-Wing brick home welcomed the many travelers along the once major freighting and travel route through Southern Utah and served as a boarding house for the men working in the nearby iron mines.

The hand-fired brick home boasts “seven bedrooms, two small halls and two big halls, two closets, one large sized dining room, living room, kitchen and pantry, two good sized porches and one balcony. The front porch was later glassed in and the back porch was fully screened.”


Golda Geary Page Smith, daughter of the Page family wrote in a memoir, “We moved into the new, red brick house that father and mother had built for us on the old home ranch on the 24th and 25th of December 1900[…] I remember standing at the east dining room window, watching our things being brought from the old house over to the new house. The snow was two or three feet deep and I remember the deep paths they had shoveled between the two houses. The old house had been the one built by Robert Richey on the Richey Homestead[…]"

"In the fall of 1900 father sent Robert to Chicago with a couple of car loads of beef cattle to sell at the stockyards. Robert was to bring home enough paint, paper, carpets, linoleum, blinds, curtains, four iron bedsteads and chairs for the whole house. Robert sold the beef cattle and he found a furniture house. They let him talk with an interior decorator and together they chose what was needed for our home. It was a beautiful home, one that any could be proud of and I, for one, am very proud of this home.”


The local tourist can reach the Page Ranch via West Pinto Road, a mixed gravel and dirt road. While the ranch was declared a historic landmark in 1985, it is currently privately owned by Diamond G Rodeos & Ranches. The home can easily be viewed from the public roadway or you can contact Diamond G at (435) 635-7628 for private access to the property.

Life Out Home on the Page's Ranch
By Golda Geary Page Smith
Written Aug 1958
Typed Jan 1980 by Shirly Smith Amalong

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