Zion National Park

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Named for an ancient Hebrew word meaning "sanctuary" or "place of refuge," Zion National Park is one of the most scenic places on earth. Park visitors will agree that Zion is aptly named after exploring the wonders of Zion Canyon, the most visited portion of the park, which is home to some of its most majestic natural landmarks, including Angels Landing, the Great White Throne and the Court of the Patriarchs – rock monoliths that rise more than a thousand feet above the canyon floor. Zion is a hiker's paradise, boasting hiking trails for all ability levels, from Weeping Rock, a short jaunt to a picturesque hanging garden, to Observation Point, a strenuous climb to an amazing top-down viewpoint, which provides breathtaking vistas of Zion Canyon. The park is home to the Zion Narrows, a narrow gorge carved by the Virgin River described as one of the most amazing adventures in the national park system. In addition to its stone towers, narrow canyons and forested plateaus, Zion's varying environments are a showcase of biological diversity – the greatest in the state of Utah.

Zion ShuttleZion holds the distinction of being one of the few national parks with a mandatory shuttle system. From April to October, shuttle buses are the only way visitors can access Zion Canyon. During passengers' ride up the canyon, bus windows provide outstanding views of its scenery and bus drivers supply interesting background information about its history, geology and wildlife – an excellent preview before debarking at their desired trailhead or point of interest.


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Zion - Angles Landing

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