Things to do in St George


Many people flock to St. George because it is the main metropolitan hub for visiting Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the Lake Powell recreation area. Visitors to St. George however will find that St. George, Utah is more than just a great base camp for visiting the area's national parks. St. George is a vacation destination in and of itself. The city is positioned in one of the most picturesque locations in America.


The city sits in the southwest corner of Utah, surrounded by beautiful Red Rock cliffs and canyons. Aside from the beautiful scenery, St. George offers golf courses, ghost towns, cactus gardens, streams, mineral pools, tennis courts, swimming holes, theaters, pioneer buildings, horseback riding, cycling, ATV riding, hiking, rock climbing, photo opportunities, and arts and entertainment.

With all of these activities it is easy to understand why St. George is fast becoming the family, recreational, and retirement center of the west. The city has also invested millions of dollars in building scenic pathways for walking, biking, roller blading, and running. A visit to St. George, Utah is guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to do something that you don't normally get to do at home. Everyone from the avid adventure seeker to the mild mannered golfer is sure to find something in St. George that sparks their interest. Click on one of the different activity sites to find out more about the individual St. George, Utah activities.


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