St George Paintball

PaintballPaintball is just as fun as ever and St. George offers a desert landscape for this fun game. In fact, the red hues of the area almost indicate that there was a major battle here where red paints were used exclusively.

There are many venues to play paintball in the area. For example, the Red Cliffs Paintball Park is an ideal location to have a paintball fight with your family, friends, and complete strangers. It is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 8 am to Noon. Admission is $5 for non-Red Cliff Paintball Club members.

Paintball Companies:

  • Zion Paintball Adventures
    Many guests to the Southern Utah are now experiencing a unique and entertaining activity called "PAINTBALL!" Paintball is a game played with paintball markers that have been calibrated to safely shoot a water soluble paint pellet at an opposing team. Paintball was initially used by the military in their training exercises. It has quickly become a popular worldwide activity for adventure seekers.

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