St George Ranches

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort offers the best Zion Vacation in the area for you and your family! We offer a wide range of lodging from Luxury Family Cabins, Cabin Suites, Cowboy Cabins, Camping and RV Parking
Let us help you plan your activities with onsite Zion Horse Rides, ATV Rides and our new Zip Line Plan Your Zion Vacation Today!

If you are looking to put yourself into the boots of your favorite western movie character, southwestern Utah ranches provide you with a unique opportunity to fulfill this desire. Ranches provide an interesting experience as you can "rough it" while you stay here. They also provide activities including: horseback riding, ATV riding, canyoneering, and paintball.

Ranches:Ranching in St. George

  • Zion Ranch
    Zion Ranch Resort is located on the east rim of St. George and shares nearly seven miles of common border with the Park. This all-inclusive ranch combines the breathtaking scenery of Southern Utah's color country with the state's most popular National Park. Zion Ranch Resort is located in the high, mountainous terrain of the Colorado Plateau, which is deep in the heart of the Wild Wild West! Surrounded by a forest of ponderosa pine, cedar, and wild oak, the ranch is the ideal location for a western vacation that you will never forget.

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