Zion Shuttle Services

Zion National Park Shuttle System

Since 1997 Zion National Park has used a shuttle system to transport visitors inside the park. They did this to solve the large problem of parking inside the park along with get back the calm that once prevailed in the canyon. Since it’s inception the shuttle system has been a great blessing to the park and it’s visitors.

How to Ride The Shuttle

There is no cost to ride the shuttle, so no need to worry about bringing change. There are many different stop both in the Zion Canyon and even the adjoining town of Springdale. Click here to see maps with all the shuttle stops marked. You can expect a bus to show up about ever 10 min. Please be aware that eating or smoking is not allowed on the bus. Beverages besides water are also not allowed. Dogs and other pets are also not allowed on the bus.

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