Zion Climbing

Like many other recreational areas, many people come to rock climb in the Zion National Park area, and for the more adventurous, canyoneering is an excellent way to see the area.

If you like rock climbing and repelling, you will love your experience in the area. There are many narrow canyons, nooks, and crannies in the mountains here - you can escape the midday heat. Since this is an ideal place for canyoneering, the American Canyoneering Association had a rendezvous here in 2005. Park rangers, Zion Rock & Mountain Guides, Zion Ponderosa, and Zion Mountain can provide you with more information about canyoneering in this area.

Rock Climbing in Zion

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Climbing Shops & Outfitters:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, hiring a climbing guide is one of the best ways to develop specific skills, experience many routes in a day, or just get to know an area new to you. Check with these outfitters to learn more about rock climbing in Springdale.

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